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Computer is a new technology which is used in offices, banks, educational institutions, etc. Computer is a modern tool which has made life very easy and simple. It has capability to complete more than one task in small time. It is able to do work of many human beings alone within less time.

It is the utility of highest efficiency.

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The first computer was a mechanical computer which was created by the Charles Babbage. A computer works successfully using its hardware and fully installed application software. The data which we put into the computer using device is called input data and device as input device and data which we take outside using printer or other device is called as output data and device as output device. The input data gets changed into the information which can be stored and changed anytime.

Computer is very safe tool for data storage which is being used in various fields. We can shop, pay our electricity bill, water bill, video chat, messaging, e-mail messages anywhere in the world and lots of online activities using internet. Computer is the latest technology which is used almost everywhere. It has made possible to do large amount of works in very small time.

It has reduced the man effort in the offices means it gives high level of work output in very small time, less effort, low man power, etc. Now a day, it has become hard to imagine our lives without computer.

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We can use internet in the computer which gives us lots of required information on any subject in very less time. There are great contributions of the computer in the lives of human being. It is playing big role in every field and helping us every single moment.

Essay on Importance of English Language - 100 Words

Old generations of the computer were less effective with less functions but new generations of it are amazing with high capacity, easy to handle and more functions. Future generations of the computer would be more effective and lots of functioning. It has made our life easier. Using this we can easily learn anything and enhance our skill. We can get any information about any service or product or other thing within no time. We can buy anything online using computer and internet and get free delivery. It is very useful for the preparation of project work of any student reading in any class.

Computer is the wonderful and mastermind gift of the science to the whole human fraternity. It can be used to do any kind of works. It is very easy to handle by anyone and takes very less time to learn.

Grow your Business and Leadership Skills

Because of its easiness and high work efficiency, it is being used in many fields like offices, banks, hotels, educational institutions, shops, hospitals, commercial places, schools, colleges, training institutes, military establishments, military, industries, etc. Many people buy laptop or desktop for their kids to learn about required things in their schools or playing computerized video-games, etc.

Computer is a big dictionary and large storage device which we use to save any type of large amount of data like information, study materials, projects, photos, images, video, audio, songs, clips, games, and many more.

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It is an electronic machine which is able to calculate and solve big problems. This makes computer education important. Some importance of computer education are:. Conclusion Computers have occupied a very important place in our lives. We cannot imagine our life without computers.

Reasons why learning English is important

They are being used in each and every field to make work easier. The work is done in an efficient manner and consumes less time. However, computer systems have a few disadvantages also. Computers have no brain. They cannot take a decision on their own. They need human guidance. Computers can affect health. They may affect the eyes of the person using it. Also, the computers which are not in working condition and cannot be repaired accumulate as non-biodegradable waste. Despite these disadvantages, a computer does not lose its importance and created the need for computer education.

With the growing uses of the computer, the requirement of computer education is also. With such vas usage of computers system, it has become necessary that each person should have the knowledge to use the computer systems. Now computer education is being taught in schools and colleges.

The elderly people are also trying to learn how to use a computer. As the time is passing, technology is increasing. So for our own convenience, it has become important for all of us to gain computer education. Add your Institute. Report Error. Importance of computer education in our life. What is Computer Education?

8 Surprising Ways Computer Science Benefits Society

Importance of Computer Education in Our Life Computers help the students to learn about the world and know what is happening in it. The Internet is defined as a network which is formed by connecting different networks. Today the internet can help us with almost anything. Most importantly, the internet helps us in research. Starting from the students studying in school to the scientist working in laboratories, computer, or more precisely the internet, helps everybody in research.

Informative function:

The Internet is flooded with abundant information on almost all the topics of which we are aware of. For these topics, of which the students do not have any idea, the internet helps them. The Internet can give them a lot of information on the required topic. A scientist can take the help of internet to search the already present discoveries to create a new one.

Therefore computers can help a lot in research.

Importance of English language for students

So the knowledge about computers is necessary. Everyone should know how to use the computer system and the resources associated with it to improve their own research skills.


Computers are needed everywhere. They have become an essential part of each industry. Today almost every work is dependent on computers. So the industries or companies hire those workers which are trained to use computers or have some knowledge as to how to use computers. Computer education should be taught to the students from the very beginning. They should gain a good command in the field of computers. In the whole academic life of the student, they should become so trained in the field of computer education that every company will hire.

So we can conclude that for those who aspire for a good job, computer education is a must.