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Higgins fails to value Liza as a person. Higgins is mostly presented as a person with little respect for anyone other than himself. This is not entirely true. Higgins is shown as an honest charater and his honesty can be percieved as rudeness. However, it is one of his character strengths and the audience may admire his attitude of saying what he feels and telling it how it his. This immature behavious is one of the paradoxes of the play. Higgins continues to act like a child throughout the play by his inability to tell right from wrong.

When around his mother, Higgins acts like a child and Mrs.

Higgins responds by treating him like one, giving him orders to which he obeys. However, when he is around Liza he acts as a father figure, bringing her up to be a proper lady and guiding her along the way. This is made clearer as Liza changes throughout the story. Though Higgins is a gentleman by social status, there is no evidence in the play that he behaves as one.

Pygmalion: Social Class and Liza

He is not proper in the way he acts when they have company. His lack of manners and social decorum make him a vehicle for humour. Shaw shows Higgins as a friend through Colonel Pickering.

In act 1, when both characters meet, they are each familiar with the others work. Through Pickering it is shown that Higgins does respect others. He treats Pickering as an equal because of the work that he has done. Higgins admires him and respects his work.

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Though the audience mostly sees Henry Higgins as being rude and disrespectful to Liza, Higgins is just treating her as he would any other student, because that is all she is to him. He does not count Liza as a friend, he sees her as a project that he merely needs to complete and discard. In all situations Higgins believes himself to be right. This is also shown in situations with other characters. Pygmalion is seen as a cinderella story and Geogre Bernard Shaw wrote Higgins in the manner of a fairy godmother. Higgins is the one who transforms Liza into a lady and her change brings along the love of Freddy.

However, Shaw twisted the story so Higgins would also fall in love with Liza. When he realises his feelings he also realises that he is lacking something in himself that has prevented him from marrying anyone. They will see Higgins real self and will empathise with him. This rejection from Liza at the end of the play is the turning point of how the audience is going to feel about Higgins. I think that members of the audience can sympathise with Henry Higgins as the play goes on.

But as the story progresses his honest, humourous insults and childlike attitude make Higgins a character that people love to hate. I saw the play on 30th October at The Strand Theatre.

Pygmalion Questions and Answers -

The play is a revival of a Bernard Shaw production. The play is set in the late 19th Century. It's about a young woman Vivvie Warren who discovers that her mother was a prostitute and still runs brothels. She also finds out that her current love-interest is her half-brother. She leaves her country home to become a businesswoman in London and support herself. The plot is mainly to do with society's hypocrisy. This play, like George Bernard Shaw was born in Dublin in He moved to London at the age of twenty one where he began to meet the earliest British socialists.

In , he became one of the founder members of the Fabian Society, which promoted equality between people whatever their background or class. Shaw was a prolific writer of novels and plays, with "Pygmalion" first being performed at His Majesty's theatre in London in This play tells us a huge amount about Shaw's attitude to the British class system in Edwardian times. The plot follows the attempts of Professor Henry Higgins Arms and the Man is one of George Bernard Shaw's successfully written plays that have become predominant and globally renowned.

Shaw's play leads itself to two themes that people can relate to, which are the importance of war and the essentials to true love and marriage.

Compare and Contrast Pygmalion Essay

These themes are interwoven, for Shaw believed that while war is evil and stupid, and marriage desirable and good, both had become wrapped in romantic illusions which led to disastrous wars and also to unhappy marriages. Bernard Shaw. The true artist will let his wife starve, his children go barefoot, his mother drudge for his living at seventy, sooner than work at anything but his art.

To women he is half vivisector, half vampire. He gets into intimate relations with them to study them, to strip the mask of convention from them, to Thedark humor associated with the horrid details of disposing of his mother'sphysical body are eventually reconciled with an understanding that her spiritlives on. He imagines how she would find humor in the bizarre event of her owncremation.

≡Essays on Pygmalion. Free Examples of Research Paper Topics, Titles GradesFixer

The quality of humor unites Shaw and his mother in a bond thattranscends the event of death and helps Shaw understand that her spirit willnever die In Pygmalion, Shaw portrays a society in translation, in which progressive notions of femininity clash with more established traditional ideas about gender role. In the second part, the narration was shared between Rochester and Antoinette. The third part, though short but intense, took place in England.

Antoinette from the attic where she had been locked up, resumed the narration until the dramatic conclusion.

PYGMALION (1938) - Full Movie - Captioned

Her layered text structure and shifting perspectives delivered us from a one-sided perspective. She challenged the style, language and setting of any canonical novel. She avoided having an omniscient narrator. This style made her novel ambiguous with no neat ending and an unsettling feeling. It provided no clue what happened to Annette and why Christophine left. She also used the Creole and black language, giving the culture a voice in her novel. Rhys exposed the gulfs that existed between people due to different races, genders and imperialism.

Block 5, page She advocated that it was not only black and white who were separated by the gulf of unknowability, men and women were seen as equally alien to each other and it was not madness that divided them but existential loneliness. The land was seen like the body of a woman, something to be possessed Rhys , page 54 , was never accepted for what it was and it was always wrong and malignant. Block 5, page Critics debated the merits of Wide Sargasso Sea that it relied closely on Jane Eyre and could not stand alone.

Shaw denied borrowing the story but with only traces of them in his play. The themes in Wide Sargasso Sea explored madness, race and gender. Rhys was especially haunted by the plight of mad Creole heiresses, exploited for wealth to English husbands. The novel explored the misunderstandings beneath the mercenary contours of their struggle. Rhys page xi The themes that surrounded Pygmalion were on the contrary about class, middle-class gentility and morality.

Shaw intentionally made Doolittle a prey to the middle-class morality to protray vices on hypocrisy, pride, avarice and social pretensions among his audience. Block 5, page Block 5, page 27 They were mouthpieces of Shaw to warn the audience not to treat the lower class especially their female counterparts as inferior. Shaw used the scene where Eliza was stripped off her clothes and her true identity to mock at the middle-class audience, their values and contempt towards people of lower social status.

Pygmalion was a comedy.