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Meditative thought, because it puts us in tune with universal forces and laws, leads us to ways of being and doing that are inherently right and 'successful'.

Inner treasure The people of his time saw Emerson as a sage or prophet, with fewer of the faults of human nature than anyone they knew. But Emerson had, as anyone, the hopes, the highs, the setbacks which life seems to consist of. What made him stand out was a belief that we did not have to have see-sawing emotional lives reacting to good or bad events. Do not believe it. Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles.

This speaks to the very heart of the human condition and the ideas about Fortune we live by. Yet Emerson believed that all happiness, ultimately, was self-generated; it was not human nature to be permanently hostage to events - we are quite capable of detachment or transcendence.

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Final word The reader may find no better writer than Emerson to help make the leap into self-reliant freedom. What was Emerson's idea of success? His success was not about our steely Will against the universe, heroically overcoming obstacles. Rather, by becoming more fully aware of the patterns and flow of nature, time and space, by working with the grain of the universe, we are part of an infinitely greater power.

The principles he talked of in the quote above are not restrictive, but our creative, conscious response to the world; our lives should reflect this perfect universe, rather than being shaped by the crooked turns and boxes of culture. The self-reliant individual should be able to live in the world and improve it, not be just another product of it.

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  • Enrolled at Harvard at the age of 14, he graduated four years later halfway down in his class. After some time as a schoolteacher, he attended Divinity College at Harvard, became a Unitarian pastor and married, only to see his wife Ellen die of tuberculosis in After resigning his post because of doctrinal disputes, Emerson travelled to Europe and met Carlyle, Coleridge and Wordsworth. Returning to America in , he settled in Concord and married again, to Lydia Jackson, with whom he had five children.

    In the following two years, he delivered controversial addresses at Harvard, the first asserting American intellectual independence from Europe, the second attracting the wrath of the religious establishment in its plea for independence of belief above all creeds and churches. Emerson stopped writing and lecturing ten years before his death in Click to see reader views or to buy. Personal Development.

    Self Reliance and Other Essays Summary and Analysis of Self-Reliance

    Tom Butler-Bowdon. Self-reliance can even be applied to politics: Emerson argues that we should quit governing ourselves by political parties and instead have each man govern himself by intuition. Emerson concludes by noting that self-reliance is the true path to peace. Which guides should we add? Request one! Sign In Sign Up. Plot Summary.

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    Self Reliance and Other Essays

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    Ralph Waldo Emerson: "Self-Reliance" by Jessica Davenport on Prezi

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    Self Reliance Summary

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