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World Finance and Economic Stability: Selected Essays of James Tobin
  1. Tobin, James (Robert M. Solow).
  2. Essays in Economics: Volume 1: Macroeconomics
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The Consumption Function. International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, vol. III, , p. Pitfalls in Financial Model Building.

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Deposit Interest Ceilings as a Monetary Control. Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, vol. II, no. On Limiting the Domain of Inequality. Journal of Law and Economics, vol. XIII, 2, October , p. Is Growth Obsolete?. Living with Inflation. Inflation and Unemployment. American Economic Review, March , vol. LXII, no. Reply to Tullock. IV, no. An Exchange of Views. The New Republic, July 22 Journal of Political Economy, vol.

Wealth, Liquidity and the Propensity to Consume. Strumpel, James N.

Tobin, James (Robert M. Solow).

Technological Development and Employment. Cowles Foundation Discussion Paper No. Weiner, ed. Cambridge U. Cambridge Mass. The Yale Review, Spring , p.

Essays in Economics: Volume 1: Macroeconomics

Can We Live With Inflation? Can We Live Without It?. Financing Higher Education. Paper presented at Business Today Conference, Nov. What is Permanent Endowment Income?.

James Tobin | The MIT Press

American Economic Review, Proceedings, vol. LXIV, 2, May , p. Reflections on Recent History.

James Tobin "The Man He Became"

Paper presented at American Statistical Assn. Review of: Economics and the Public Purpose, by J. Monetary Policy in and Beyond. Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, 1, , p. Notes on the Economic Theory of Expulsion and Expropriation. Journal of Development Economics, 1, , p. Conserving Taxable Capacity. Evaluation Magazine, Spring , Inflation, Interest Rates, and Stock Values. The Morgan Guaranty Survey, July , p. In Monetarism, Studies in Monetary Economics, vol.

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For a Faster Recovery. Economic Outlook U.

The Political Economy of the s. Inflation Control as Social Priority. In Southern Economic Journal, Jan. Palmer, ed. Considerations Regarding Taxation and Inequality.

Essays In Economics

Campbell, ed. Full Recovery or Stagnation?. Seminar in Economics, Mar. State Dept. Lerner, M. Press, Cambridge, , Harry I. Greenfield et al.

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How Dead is Keynes?. Invited Address at Western Economic Assn. Annual Meetings, June , in: Economic Inquiry, vol.