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7.2 - Financial Obligations for Graduation
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Students who don't pass an oral exam or receive approval of their thesis will be unable to graduate, with the program requiring a revised thesis or a revised attempt at passing the program's oral examination. Despite their similarities, each of these requirements offers a completely different way to prove mastery and to advance to degree conferral.

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A review of these differences may make it easier for students to decide between their available options. When it comes to finishing a graduate program, the most common word associated with graduation is "thesis. This thesis has traditionally asked students to pick an area of intense academic interest within their program and conduct new research in that field. In many schools, the goal is for students to have the thesis published in an academic journal to prove their bona fides in advance of graduation.

Though it has served schools well for many years, the graduate thesis has also run into a few problems. Some students have had their thesis ghost written by industry professionals, while others have plagiarized their work or failed to perform the level of research needed to truly contribute to their chosen academic field, according to Fortune Magazine.

For this reason, many schools have either moved away from the thesis or have given students the option of an oral examination in its place. This policy applies to U. Every attempt is made to notify students whose names appear on the preliminary graduation list prepared by the Office of the Registrar during the sixth or seventh week of the semester that they must arrange for fee payment before graduation. In cases where the sponsor is one semester in arrears in making payments to the university, the student is notified and asked to assist in obtaining payment.

Thesis defense oral examination

When sponsored students enroll at ISU, they are required to sign a statement of understanding regarding their responsibilities. Since the student is receiving the benefit of an education and degree, he or she—not ISU—is the principal contractor with the sponsoring agency. If the sponsor fails to meet its financial commitment, the student is held liable for payment before a diploma will be awarded. Participation in the graduation ceremony requires the appropriate cap and gown, which can be purchased or rented at the University Bookstore.

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For doctoral graduates, ISU provides the doctoral hood at the ceremony, which must be returned either on stage after the ceremony or to the Graduation Requirements Office Enrollment Services Center, the following Monday. All doctoral students must either rent or purchase from the University Bookstore custom Ph.

Doctoral students are responsible for making arrangement with their major professor to present them at the graduation ceremony. Approximately one month before graduation, the Graduation Requirements Office emails graduating students at their in-session email address requesting information about attending the Graduate ceremony and providing future addresses. Diplomas are mailed by the Graduation Requirements Office Enrollment Services Center, to all students approximately three weeks after graduation. Postage must be paid by the student for overseas mailings. If a student has not yet received a diploma but needs evidence of the completion of degree requirements, the Office of the Registrar can provide a letter of certification.

This letter of certification should be requested in the Graduate College upon completion of the Graduate Student Approval Form and at least two days before the letter is needed. Search the Handbook Submit. A video-audio connection is preferred, though audio-only is permitted. A student can arrange for this remote participation with approval of a Preliminary or Final Oral Examination with Committee Member at a Distance form prior to the exam Complete the Request for Committee Substitution at the Preliminary or Final Oral Exam form before the examination to arrange for a temporary, substitute committee member who will serve with voting rights only for the examination that the permanent member cannot attend.

The substitute must fill the same role be an inside vs. Although not required, the absent member may participate for part or all of the examination by use of any form of remote connection, but the absent member may not vote.

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The committee member who cannot be physically present may be replaced permanently on the committee by another member of the graduate faculty who can attend the examination and commits to fulfilling all other remaining responsibilities of POS committee service. The new member must fill the same role be an inside vs.

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To make this replacement, a new POSC should be routed and approved. Total number of voting members Maximum allowable remote faculty members 3 1 4 1 5 2. Previous Chapter. Programs are allowed to postpone the examination by up to two weeks after the scheduled date.

Guidelines for oral examinations

Postponements of more than two weeks from the original date can be considered in exceptional circumstances and will require approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies. A scheduled examination may be cancelled under exceptional circumstances with the approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies.

All examinations must be conducted according to the procedures described in Thesis and Thesis Examination Administrative Processes , available at grad. Examination committee members may not discuss the thesis amongst themselves or with the student. However, the supervisor and, if applicable, the co-supervisor may discuss the thesis with the student or with each other.

The student may not submit revisions while the examination is in progress. If no public seminar preceded the examination the student may be offered an opportunity to give a brief 15 minute presentation summarizing the thesis in addition to the two-hour examination time. Normally, the supervisor or the co-supervisor, if applicable must be present in person.

The examination will then be suspended until such time as the Dean or designate is able to determine whether academic misconduct has occurred and what penalties will be applied. Depending on the determination, the examination may proceed as scheduled, be rescheduled, or be cancelled. Post-examination procedures must be conducted according to the Thesis and Thesis Examination Administrative Processes , available at grad.

Dissertation and Final Oral Examination — Penn State College of Education

Recommendation to the Dean of Graduate Studies must be unanimous. If it is not unanimous, the Dean of Graduate Studies will decide the outcome of the thesis and the oral examination. The examination committee must recommend the outcome of the examination by indicating one of the following in each component:. All examiners must sign the Thesis Approval Form. The thesis must be submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies within five days from the date of examination.

The supervisor will inform the student of the necessary corrections. The supervisor will withhold their signature until satisfied with the revisions. Major revisions normally require more than changes in style and will typically involve clarification of textual materials, the qualification of research findings, conclusions, or limited additions to the text. Major revisions normally must be completed and submitted to Faculty of Graduate Studies within six months from the date of examination.