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Should youngsters join politics -- Shri Modi's view -- Google+ Hangout (with subtitles)

Inspiration from stories, parables, biographies and other sources can help prepare and sustain youth in politics. Other tools are out there, too — share your thoughts in the comments below!

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With the sudden effects of a change coming about the world, we will never be able to be the change we honestly want to see. We are not to young, our votes, our say matters just as much as older voters. For the life that we have to live and the difficult situations we have to go through it is in no fault that we come together as a teenagers and as young votes to use the right that you have to vote, and vote seriously.

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Be politically sound in your judgement for all areas of your political life. This article really shows how much you care about the youth and our opinions. You confirm our belief that our voices matter and can make a change despite being 16 years old.

Working together, youth and adults can make space for young people everywhere, all of the time. I definitely agree that teenagers get looked over when it comes to politics. I think as the new generation, we have the media outlets and we can make things go viral within minutes. I think the worst part is that we do not really have any classes where we get deep into politics.

We all have our civics classes but we do not have a class where we can get deep into politics. In Nigeria where I am from, youths are seen as opposition for saying the truth.

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Elders deliberately oppressed the youth and take away our ideas and initiatives because they are financially powerful than us. Matching the youth education and awareness campaign with actions like sponsorship for political positions will go a long way to help out. Nice work I must commend. I am from Zimbabwe…I like it everything here, m inspired ,motivated and feeling equip ed by all the stuff currently as youth running to campaign as a member of Parliament in the all time great opposition party …..

Arise youth Arise. I met a teacher today that asked me that did u think these kids will not b diverted by discussing politics with them? Pls I need useful answers.

“Vince Lombardi”

Thanks and God bless. It is interesting that you say young people are becoming more involved in politics than ever before and that they can change the world by becoming actively involved in political parties. My son is currently researching politics to choose a party to campaign behind and I am glad that there will be so many benefits for him!

The fact is, we can never eliminate politics from our world today. But there is a big question about who is proficient enough to use political ideas to increase developments and the lives of people.

Role Of Youth In Politics (Essay Sample) | Academic Papers Writing Blog

Youths should be well educated about the importance of participating in politics today. The Field of politics is usually a perception that it is not suited to Educated People [1] and this perception is being changed by many school students who take up the idea of politics as their career and help promoting the cause.

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A campaign by Young India Foundation has been raising awareness on the importance of youth rights and the essential representation they need in a country with over million people below the age of YIF is also leading in the Age of Candidacy campaign which is working on decreasing the age of candidacy in India from 25 to something lower. As per a report by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India Assocham , of the approximately Rs 4,, Crore total advertisement and publicity spend in Indian Parliament elections, the digital platforms can expect to garner at least Rs The target audience are predictably the youth, many of them first-time voters.

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